Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms does Hive support?

Hive supports all platforms where the dart vm runs plus browsers. On browsers the IndexedDB is used as backend.

When should I use Hive

When to use Hive

When should I not use Hive

When not to use Hive

Where does Hive store my data?

Each box has its own file in the home directory (the one you set using Hive.init()).

Does Hive persist data immediately?


What happens if my app is killed?

The worst thing that can happen is that you lose the last entry if it isn't written completely yet. Hive has built in integrity checking and crash recovery and will take care of everything.

Why is box.get() synchronous? Isn't that slow?

Hive caches all entries by default, so no. If you don't want that, use lazy boxes instead.

Can I use Hive to store binary data like images?

Yes but don't store too big images (a few MB should be fine).

Can Hive sync data with a server?

Not out of the box but you can do that yourself quite easily using the box.toMap() method and / or the change notifier.

What type of encryption does Hive use?

AES 256 CBC with PKCS7 padding.

Do I have to call Hive.close()

No you don't. It might speed up the next start of your app but nothing to worry about.