Create adapter manually

Sometimes it might be necessary to create a custom TypeAdapter. You can do that by extending the TypeAdapter class. Make sure to specify the generic argument.

Test your custom TypeAdapter thoroughly. If it does not work correctly, it may corrupt your box.

It is very easy to implement a TypeAdapter. Keep in mind that TypeAdapters have to be immutable! Here is the DataTimeAdapter used by Hive internally:

class DataTimeAdapter extends TypeAdapter<DateTime> {
DateTime read(BinaryReader reader) {
var millis = reader.readInt();
return DateTime.fromMillisecondsSinceEpoch(millis);
void write(BinaryWriter writer, DateTime obj) {

The read() method is called when your object has to be read from the disk. Use the BinaryReader to read all properties of your object. In the above sample it is only an int containing millisecondsSinceEpoch. The write() method is the same just for writing the object to the disk.

Make sure, you read properties in the same order you have written them before.